About us

J. Covington Interior - Design is a very active design practice led by Jane (Cubby) Derby. It provides interior design services from Boston to the "Lakes Region" of New Hampshire, the New England coast and beyond.  The style is ageless with a rich traditional feel. With extensive knowledge of materials (particularly fabrics and wall coverings) and sources of fine furnishings across the United States & Europe, she works with a wide variety of contractors but recommends only a few.  
By the way, furnishing "finds" have & are being discovered in locations that span the U.S. & Europe...particularly southern France 

About Cubby

Cubby is an experienced designer who's own homes & professional projects have been featured in national magazines and regional tours.  
A southerner by birth, Cubby is based in North Hampton, NH. She's a graduate of the University of North Carolina and has done post graduate work at Harvard and Portland State University.  Additionally, she attended architectural graduate school at the University of Oregon. 
She has four sons and a husband, Dan. Cubby's been involved with design and antiques for several decades. Two of her own homes were featured in major magazines, one in Better Homes & Gardens (the cover article) and one in Decorating magazine. Another home was featured in Treena Crochet's well received book Colonial Style.
She loves coffee 24 hours a day, is fan of pretty much whatever ice cream is in the frig and has a yard full of flowers in the elegant English garden she's created in her own backyard.
Cubby has done the full range of projects, from large, stately homes to island log cabins. All with her classic, elegant style.